Monday, August 27, 2007

Teaching Resources

Last semester I received a number of emails from teachers who used the Lincoln studies website as a teaching resource. I was very pleased and started to think about how I might expand certain sections.

I have started implementing some of those changes. Give the Primary Documents section a click. I have added quite a few documents and broke down the additions into sections. For instance, now there is an entire section devoted to the Confederacy, including the various "Declarations of Causes of Secession," as well as the "Ordinances of Secession." I have added the Confederate Constitution, a proclamation, and several speeches by the President and Vice President of the Confederacy.

There is also a new section for the Union. I plan to upload speeches by Union politicians and letters by Union soldiers, right now you can see the letter from Sullivan Ballou that Ken Burns made famous.

I also welcome suggestions for new documents. I want to keep adding resources to that page, so send me an email or post a message on the Discussion Board.

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