Friday, August 24, 2007

An Old Grudge

There was a sick man in Illinois who was told he probably didn't have long to live. The doctor told him he should put his affairs in order, and above all else, he should make peace with his enemies before he died.

He hated a man named Brown more than anybody else. They had been feuding for as long as he could remember, but since he was running out of time, he sent for him.

Brown came to the sick man's bedside and listened as his enemy began to speak in a voice "as meek as Moses." He said he wanted to die at peace with all his "fellow creatures" and he hoped Brown could put the past behind him and shake his hand as a friend one last time.

"The scene was becoming altogether too pathetic for Brown, who had to get out his handkerchief and wipe the gathering tears from his eyes. It wasn't long before he melted and gave his hand to his neighbor, and they had a regular lovefest," Lincoln said.

"After a parting that would have softned the heart of a grindstone, Brown had about reached the room door, when the sick man rose up on his elbow and said, "But, see here, Brown, if I should happen to get well, that old grudge still stands!"

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