Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 2008 Sets Record for


I want to thank all of the readers of for making April our most successful month to date! April readership was up a whopping 66% over April 2007.

As usual, we covered a wide-range of topics this month, which you can still read by visiting the April 2008 page in the Archive.

I especially want to thank Lewis Gannett for contributing such a fine guest editorial on April 4. His article sparked several vigorous discussions on the Lincoln Studies Discussion Board.

If you haven't yet made the Discussion Board a regular part of your daily routine, I encourage you to do so. It gives us a chance to ask questions, find answers, workshop our ideas, and receive feedback.

I also want to call your attention to the painting at the top of this post. The piece is titled "Lincoln the Railsplitter" and was painted by Norman Rockwell in 1965. I just came across it today and like it very much.

The painting is on display at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. They acquired the piece at auction in November 2006 for $1.6 million. The previous owner was none other than Texas billionaire/former presidential candidate Ross Perot. You can read more about the painting here.

Again, thanks to everyone who made April 2008 a special month for!

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