Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Unpleasant Story from New Mexico

Fort Craig Cemetery, New Mexico

I really don’t like to read stories like this one. I’ll relay the information because I think it is important to be aware of these things, but be warned, this is not a fun story.

According to the Associated Press, federal archaeologists in New Mexico have been forced to exhume the graves of 67 Civil War era men, women, and children buried in an unmarked cemetery surrounding the ruins of Fort Craig, a nineteenth century structure with a rich history dating back to the Civil War and Indian Wars.

What would make the archaeologists do such a thing?

Well, they received a tip: grave robbers were operating in the area. Really? Grave robbers?

It gets worse.

Allegedly, an amateur historian had displayed “the mummified remains of a black soldier, draped in a Civil War-era uniform, in his house.”

The AP gives further details, but I’ll let you read them on your own if you wish.

After investigating the tip, archaeologists determined that 20 of the graves had indeed been looted.

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