Friday, April 25, 2008

Illinois Harvest Collection: Full Text Lincoln Books Online


Regular readers of know that I'm always on the prowl for useful research tools. I've found another one.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has digitized a great many books and they have made their collection available online. I gave the site a look and I was so pleased to see a rich collection of Lincolniana.

The Illinois Harvest collection boasts 369 digitized books on Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War. Much like Google Books, you can search this collection, read, or even download entire books. Many of these books are rare, most are out of print, and a good many of them are unavailable anywhere else on the internet.

Just a word of advice when using this collection: when you click on a book and decide you want to read it, I suggest using the "Flip Book" feature, it is marvelous!

I have included a link to the Illinois Harvest collection on our Links page. If you haven't given that page a look yet, check it out.

I think it is the finest page of Lincoln research links anywhere on the internet. As always, whenever you come across useful research links, send me an email and I will consider adding them to the page.

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