Monday, March 31, 2008

"Lincolniana on Ebay"

A big "thank you" to the readers who sent me email regarding my posts last week regarding various Lincoln-related items available for auction.

As I said previously, I not only want to know what items are on the market, but I want to know how much certain items are worth. In my view, the best way to learn is to monitor the online auction sites. In addition to Ebay, I routinely check Sotheby's, as well as Heritage Auction Galleries.

Readers seem to want to know about these auctions, so I have decided to make such updates a regular part of

Notice on the right-hand side of this blog, on the navigation bar, there is a new page titled "Lincolniana on Ebay." Each week I plan on updating the page with the latest Lincoln-related manuscripts, photographs, campaign memorabilia, and books that are available for auction.

If I ever figure out an effective way to highlight auctions from Sothebys or Heritage, I will be sure to add those as well.

Again, I hope you find the new page as useful as I do.

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