Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A. Lincoln Blog No More

Brian Dirck

Unfortunate news today from the blogosphere. It seems Brian Dirck is going to retire his very informative A. Lincoln Blog.

I was a regular reader of the A. Lincoln Blog. Dirck's insights into current Lincoln-related news stories, as well as his thoughts on the many new Lincoln and Civil War books, will certainly be missed.

I will also miss hearing about his various projects. Dirck often talked about his teaching experiences and speaking engagements. It was fascinating to read as Dirck workshopped his ideas for future books and articles.

While I certainly respect Dirck's decision to retire as an active blogger, I want to extend an invitation to him. If he should ever feel the need to come out of retirement for an occasional post on a subject of his choosing, lincolnstudies.com would be happy to publish it!

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