Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lincoln and Farmington: An Enduring Friendship

Lincoln and Farmington: An Enduring Friendship

Joshua Speed was Abraham Lincoln's closest friend. They were roomates in Springfield for four years. When Speed moved two were roomates in Springfield for four years. In early1841, Speed moved back to his parent's plantation, known as Farmington, located just outisde Louisville, Kentucky. Later that year, Lincoln visited the Speeds and stayed for about three weeks at Farmington.

You can visit the Speed family plantation is a historic site. In fact, they have just unveiled a new exhibit, titled "Lincoln and Farmington: An Enduring Friendship."

There are a number of other events scheduled.

For example, this Saturday (February 23, 2008) Farmington will host a program called "Faces of Slavery." At 10 am there will be a moderated Panel Discussion on Slavery. The audience and speakers will have a discuss the nearly 60 enslaved African Americans who lived at Farmington, nineteenth century hemp farming, and the institution of slavery in Kentucky.

At 11 am, the Ketnucky Chautauqua will present "Erma Bush as Margaret Garner: Death Before Slavery." This will be a dramatic presentation of a Kentucky slave who was caught after fleeing to Ohio with her children.

The event is free, but you are encouraged to make reservations. Call 502.452.9920 for more information.

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