Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Opinion Piece on the Alleged "Lincoln at Gettysburg" Photo

Alleged Photograph of Lincoln at Gettysburg

You may recall that I recently weighed-in on the newly discovered photo of "Lincoln" at Gettysburg. Since that time, I have not seen anything to dim my initial skepticism.

Nevertheless, I want to call your attention to an opinion piece that appeared yesterday in the New York Times. Verlyn Klinkenborg accepts that the man in the top hat is the sixteenth president, though the writer's conclusion is based on some dubious reasoning. "There's no real reason to doubt that it's Lincoln," writes Klinkenborg.

Though I certainly think the writer should take a moment to re-evaluate the photo, I do appreciate the writer's overall point. Klinkenborg uses the photograph as merely a starting point for a larger meditation on history, the nature of photography, and the pace of modern life.

Klinkenborg's opinion piece is certainly worth taking a look at.

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Duane said...

None other than noted Civil War photography expert William A. Frassanito has written a piece detailing six legitimate reasons why it is 'most likely not Lincoln' in the photo. The piece can be read HERE