Monday, October 8, 2007

"The Revolution of Abraham Lincoln"

CSA Map, 2007

I thought the Confederacy died in 1865. I thought the Rebel-government’s tombstone reads: “Died of States’ Rights.” I thought we all agreed it was over.

Some folks reject that narrative. They say rumors of the Confederacy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The Confederate States of America have a website and they have even redrawn the map of the United States to reflect their position (pictured above).

They claim the “government of the Confederate States of America never officially surrendered to the Federal Union and thus still exists as an occupied government under the control of the Federal Union (UNITED STATES, INC.) in the Southern States of America including: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, No. Carolina, So. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia and within the Territory of Arizona and the provisional Territories including Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.”

For a mere $50 you can apply for Confederate citizenship (I assume they will not accept Confederate scrip). Of course, not everyone is eligible. You must be able to prove that you have lived in a “gray” or “red” state for at least six months. If your application is accepted, you can vote in Confederate elections!

The Frequently Asked Questions feature on the website is definitely worth reading. The first question and answer is a real treat:


Don’t you realize that you are better off that you lost; for look at the great and wealthy nation we have become under the reunited United States of America.


This is a typical Yankee-ism we even hear among professors from Southern colleges as well as Yankees and Scallywags. It is the epitome of politically correct robotic thinking.

No, we do not realize that we are better off now under Federal Union occupation than we were while we were free under the Confederate States of America. What we realize is that we have suffered the pillaging of our homes and farms and from the economic, civil, religious and military oppression from the Federal Union under reconstruction and continued occupation for 145 years. We have all been made slaves, black and white alike to the unconstitutional and otherwise illegal I.R.S. and its personal income tax fraud against us. In this we take little solace from the knowledge that the folks up north who supported the Lincoln Marxist invasion of our southern Nation, although not having to suffer the same reconstruction as we did in the South, have become slaves to the I.R.S. as have we. But that knowledge buys no groceries for us.

We have had Washington, D.C. appoint our legislatures and governors for the State governments that they forced down our throats at bayonet point. At first we had Yankees ruling us in these Washington Satellite governments, but then they got Southerners to rule who were worse as Scallywags.

They have re-educated our kids with Federal Union half truths and outright false history with their Federal Department of Education. Our kids grow up to be welfare state minded with little or no concept of freedom and God given rights.

They have taught distorted science and humanism against our religious beliefs thereby undermining our families and confounding our children into accepting the State religion of Humanism/Darwinism. They do not allow our kids to pray nor have Bibles at school. They even are denying us the right to have the Ten Commandments. They teach that the State is the god that matters.

They send our Southern men (and women, now) disproportionately into battles all over the World which are none of our business thereby causing and fueling the hatred of the World against us.

They have given so many billions of dollars away to nations who hate us that the Federal Union is near or already in bankruptcy and we are seeing run away inflation making it impossible to maintain a reasonable standard of living, and for many, without even enough bread for their families.

You, of the Federal Union, have encouraged groups to try to hang the racist label on us when we get along much better with blacks in the South than you do in the North. The Confederacy was in the process of freeing all slaves in the South at the beginning of the 1861 Northern invasion of South Carolina well prior to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to allegedly free the slaves in the South while not freeing them in the North. Today we embrace all races to apply for C.S.A. Registered Citizenship and certainly oppose all forms of involuntary servitude (slavery).

We can be arrested for complaining against all of this as it might be classified as hate speech. We can’t even fly our own flags and our children are not allowed to wear Confederate flags on their shirts to school.

We are told that we must allow the United Nations to run our troops abroad and to house U.N. Troops in our domestic forests. We may soon be prosecuted by other nations for violating their laws here in the South.

We have been reduced to the status of mere serfs and slaves of the occupying nation and you think we should be grateful? Ha! Only dogs appear grateful to their masters who beat them.

In what way are we better off? Should we brag about being part of the New World Order run by the Fascist Federal Empire of the United States? No thanks!

I was also surprised to learn that the official government of the Confederacy does not support The League of the South. Apparently, the Confederate Intelligence Bureau has been investigating the LOS for the past five years and has concluded that they are "a subversive organization" that actually works "against the Confederacy." They have issued a report entitled "CSA Intelligence Alert," which labels the LOS goal of a "New Nation" a "conspiracy of diversion and misdirection deliberately being perpetrated in a treasonous way against the true and still existing Confederate States of America."

One last thing. As you can imagine, these folks reject terms like the "American Civil War" and the "War of the Rebellion." Instead of using the term "War of Northern Aggression," these folks prefer to call it the “Revolution of Abraham Lincoln.” I admit it is a catchy title, but what does it mean? Their interpretation is all over the place:

Really, the Federal Union, established out of the Marxist assisted Revolution of Abraham Lincoln, is a National Socialist government absent the racial purity aspects and absent any anti-Jewish aspects and the only racial hatred that is allowed is against the White European Americans who are now a minority. (Lincoln was a strong supporter of Karl Marx in 1848 and supported his attempt to overthrow the German government.) To sum it up, the U. S. is a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations with socialism to control the people who think they elect the government and believe they have a constitution. The hapless American people have only privileges allowed by U.S.A. CORP. as controlled by the Bank of England. Ever notice has the Declaration of Independence of 1776 fit so well against the Federal Union today? The same British system of control is in effect via U.S.A. CORP.

Simply amazing.


Stovohobo said...

Looks to me they'd just rather have your $50 and get on with it. What does a "citizenship" do for you when no one will recognize it? Thanks for showing this.

Anonymous said...

They are ABSOLUTELY right about everything they have stated. Obama is following in Lincoln's footsteps (notice many comparisons to him during his inagural) and is trying to turn the US into a socialist/marxist country. Wake up and smell the coffee! And then read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Find out you were never required to pay taxes to private bankers who are still doing their best to bankrupt this country and take control.

Anonymous said...

Im a southernor and proud of it, but technically even though the CSA did not sign a paper of surrender each state was admitted back in to the Union legally, therefore ending the Confederacy.

D. W. Compton said...

No state voted to leave the confederacy before groviling to be accepted back into the union, therefore readmission was not legal. The only surrender was initiated by the separate armies and our president was taken as a political prisoner and never signed a surrender document.

Reverend said...

Not only did the Confederacy dump its citizens at the foot of the Union to be taxed and put under Union laws but now they want to be paid to recognize the children of those people are Confederates?

The Confederacy can suck it. I want a new, good, government.