Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2007: The Battle of Anderson County, South Carolina

I made a note to pass this story along to you a couple of weeks ago. I found it in the Illinois Times, listed under their fine "News Quirks" section:

"A Civil War re-enactor in South Carolina was wounded during the Battle of Anderson County, even though the participants were firing blanks. Stewart Lambert, a Confederate cavalryman with the Laurens Orphans, suffered a gunpowder burn to his leg and a cut that required stitches. Frank Stegall said he was a few feet away and saw Lambert's pistol shoot when Lambert holstered it. The re-enactment resumed after an ambulance removed Lambert from the battlefield. In the original skirmish on May 1, 1865, there were no Confederate casualties."

I had never heard of the Battle of Anderson County, but it seems I am not alone. There isn't much information out there because, well...there wasn't much of a battle to begin with. Nontheless, I was able to find a website devoted to the battle. Gotta love the internet!

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